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2013-06-29 Saturday - A solid beginning foundation for a Mobile Strategy

A solid beginning foundation for a Mobile Strategy

If you are a bit bewildered by what it means to implement a Mobile Strategy, then this book offers a solid conceptual foundation upon which to establish the beginning of a Mobile Strategy.

The first pleasant surprise on reading this book was the realization that Dirk Nicol  (Program Director for IBM Mobile Strategy and Production Management) wrote this with a true intent to educate, and while he could have used this as a platform to promote an IBM-specific agenda - he did not. Instead, he brought his obviously formidable depth of expertise - and lays out a framework for evolving a Mobile Strategy that can be applied to businesses both large and small.  No mean feat, that.

Who Should [Really] Read This Book?
- IT Executives pondering a mobile strategy
- IT Managers being tasked to implement a mobile strategy
- IT Business Analysts that need to understand the subtle transformative power of mobile to business processes, and its unique development processes

What this book is not:
- It is not an introduction to the mechanics of implementing mobile applications
- Although it touches on technical concerns, it does not intend to be an introduction to mobile technical specifications

Chapters include:
1 - Introducing Mobile Enterprise
2 - Defining Business Value
3 - Mobile Business Challenges
4 - The Mobile Framework
5 - Mobile Development
6 - Mobile Security and Management
7 - Mobile Business Transformation
8 - Planning a Mobile Project
9 - Social+Cloud+Big Data+Mobile
10 - International Considerations
11 - Case Studies and Mobile Solutions
12 - Moving Forward

Full Disclosure: I was provided a free copy of this book by Pearson Education to review

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