Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012-09-30 Sunday - JavaOne 2012 Keynote

I'm watching the JavaOne keynote live:

I'll have some notes added to this shortly...

Sunday, September 30, 2012
4pm-7pm JavaOne Keynote

Java EE 7 targeted for sometime in 2013 (?)

Project Nashorn

JavaFX Update
- JavaFX available on Linux/ARM  and Scene Builder for Linux
- JavaFX 2.2 and beyond
-- JDK 8 plans include 3D, 3rd party controls
-- Intended as a replacement for Swing
- JavaFX will be fully open sourced by the end of 2012 (?)

Java SE 9 and Beyond
- Project Sumatra will enable Java applications to leverage multicore CPU an parallel processors ["Write once, run anywhere extended to the heterogeneous platform"]
-- "to enable Java applications to take advantage of graphics processing units (GPUs) and accelerated processing units (APUs)--whether they are discrete devices or integrated with a CPU--to improve performance."

- to be feature complete in January 2013
- Developer Preview available in February
- George Saab called for JDK 8 "test pilots"

Java Dolphin Project - open sourced
 - JavaFX data integration project

Java Embedded
- Offerings: Java Card, ME-E, OJEC, SE-E
- New Embedded Releases (Java ME Embedded 3.2, Java Embedded Suite 7.0)

- ehs5 released today - smallest M-M capable for Java Embedded device

Java EE (Cameron Purdy presented, coherence creator)
- Focus and Direction: Standard, Productivity, Portability, Extensibility, Modularity
- 14 vendors have passed EE 6 TCK
- Java EE 7 for 2013
- Scale to build dynamic HTML 5 Apps [WebSockets, Servlet 3.1 NIO, Server Sent Events, JSON, REST
- Continued Productivity Focus (more API pruning, built on Java SE 7, broader uptake of Dependency Injection)
- and with caching (JSR 107) and  Batch Applications for the Java Platform (contributed by IBM) JSR 352
- Java EE 7 Cloud features to be delayed until 2015 (targeted for Java EE 8 Platform)
- Java EE Persistence for NoSQL - no existing NoSQL standard yet
- EclipseLink NoSQL - JPA Style
-- MongoDB
-- Oracle NoSQL
-- Cassandra planned
-- more coming...
- WebSocket in Java EE 7 already in GlassFish
- Java EE 8: "Incremental delivery of JSRs"
- Jigsaw modularity with Java SE 9

Java EE Past, Present, Future is looking to hire Java programmers...

Oracle Certification Exam Guides
OCA/OCP Oracle Database 11g All-in-One Exam Guide with CD-ROM
Exams 1Z0-051, 1Z0-052, 1Z0-053

OCA Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-047)

Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration The Complete Reference

OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate Study Guide: (Exams1Z0-051 and 1Z0-052),descCd-authorInfo.html

Kaplan: Oracle Learning Tools and Practice Tests

"If I found a spaceship, I would never ever have to talk about the Titanic again"
- Dr. Robert Ballard (located Titanic)

IBM: Jason McGee discussed Java Applications in the Cloud - and Cloud Challenges for Java...
- share more, cooperate, use less, expolit
- The Patterns Approach for describing Cloud based Applications/Systems
-- workload pattern, virtual application instance

IBM: Java Applications in the Cloud (IBM's Jata CTO talked about multi-JVM deployments in the cloud)
- Sharing
- J9 JVMs using sharing to reduce costs
-- shared classes cache for read-only shared artifacts (bytecodes)
-- Dynamic AOT (ahead-of-time code) - reuse JIT code from multiple JVMs
-- Reduce memory use by 20%, improving startup time 10-30%
- Multitenancy
-- JVMs evolution to support isolation within a single JVM
--- Single copy of code, multiple copy of static variables
--- resource management within isolation context
-- Goal: 10s of K vs MBs per tenant safely

- 'Liberty' Profile - for Web, OSGi and Mobile Apps
-- Lightweight Runtime for Cloud
--- WEb profile server < 50 MB zip
--- Small memory footprint < 50 MB
--- Fast server start times < 2 secs
-- Standards Based Modularity for Cloud
--- Java EE++ built on OSGi modules and services
--- Modularity in Java SE 6 and up
-- Developer First Focus
--- Simple server configuration
--- fast easy setup
--- Integrated Eclipse AppDev tools
--- No restart required code changes
-- Dynamic Modular Runtime
--- ...

- Dynamic Behavior
-- Dynamic memory resize, processor reallocation and app migration
--- JVM will react in real-time to resource events
--- Integration across JVM/OS/HV for best performance

IBM: New System Z recently announced...
- New 5.5 GHz 6-core processor chip, large caches to optimize data serving 2nd gen OOO design
- Hardware Transaction Memory (HTM)
- Run-time Instrumentation (RI)
- 2GB page frames - improved performance targeting 64-bit heaps
- Page-able 1MB large pages using flash
- New software hints/directives
- New trap instructions
- Up-to 45% improvement in throughput amongst Java workloads measured with zEC12


   IBM: Hardware Matters (Jason McGee, Chief Architect Cloud Computing, IBM Distinguished Engineer)
- hardware is changing and evolving rapidly
-- move to solid state, multi-core processors, Low latency high-bandwidth networks (RDMA), Advanced Energy Management, Storage Cloud Memory
- IBM: JVM Support for Multiple Languages (Jason McGee, Chief Architect Cloud Computing, IBM Distinguished Engineer)

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