Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012-04-22 Sunday - Inspirational Reading...

I just started reading this interesting find this weekend...

I happened to come across the online version of that book, because I was intrigued by the story of this fellow's success:

"A 45-year-old Delaware resident, Mike Mann, became a multi-millionaire by being an obsessive, compulsive, domain buyer"

Another interesting find this weekend: Zen Guitar, by Philip Sudo

Here are my review comments I posted on

When the student is ready...the teacher will appear
I found this book in a thrift store yesterday - which was offering a 50% sale on all items

It is filled with inspiration for how you should look at practice, craft, acquiring skill, innovation, collaboration, and oh so much more.
It is a refreshing reminder for the master, as well as a gentle introduction for the beginner.
If your mind is open and ready - you will see that the words are as applicable to guitar playing as they are to any endeavor.
For my own professional work, in the field of software engineering, I found many useful ideas in this book to inspire me to return to Beginner's Mind
Well done Sodu.

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