Saturday, February 26, 2011

2011-02-26 Saturday - Aptana Pydev "no such file to load"

I've discovered an issue with the latest release of the Aptana Pydev plugin for Eclipse (Aptana Pydev

An internal error occurred during: "Loading bundle: C:\eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\1026\1.cp\bundles\bundle-development.ruble".
(LoadError) no such file to load -- ruble/ui

Also tote: I'm running Eclipse Helios 3.6.2.r362_v201102120-9gF78Gs1FrIGnHDHWkEcopoN8AmxeZflGDGKQi
Build id: M20110210-1200

I posted a message to this thread:

and also found a similar sounding previously reported problem here:

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VH said...

I have the same problem when setting up dev environment on a new machine two days ago.
I only wanted PyDev and no Aptana just as on my other machine. But now there seems to be a dependency on Aptana Studio.
After installing Aptana, the error with "loading ruble/ui" is gone. Aptana Studio is a little too much but you can turn it off.

Somebody else also suggested to uninstall PyDev/Aptana and reinstall PyDev WITHOUT checking "Contact all update sites during install..."