Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010-07-25 Sunday - Start-up Equity & Vesting

I'm doing some research to provide guidance to a friend on structuring his start-up.  This blog posting is my catch-all of the links I'm reviewing for interesting ideas.]

(Reminder To Self: I need to come back and trim this a bit - and clean-up the formatting of the posting - and add some additional notes)

Vesting Calculator


Putting Share Ownership in a Business Plan


How should we split ownership of our startup?

Tips for Startup Companies


Sharing Equity in a Startup or Established Entrepreneurial Venture


Equity math for startups

What is the standard ownership percentage for an investor in a startup company?


How to distribute ownership in startup?


Pre Money Valuation


Equity Distribution in Startups

How Equity Dilution Works

Calculating Ownership

Equity for unfunded, pre-launch startup as Business Development lead?

Idea Entrepreneurs and the Startup Equity Advantage

What percentage of partnership would you recommend for a startup?

Founder Series Part III: How to Structure and Document Your Founder Agreement

Startup Equity Allocation

How much equity percentage of the company should startup owners give to their investors?

Sharing the Wealth in a Technology Startup: How Much Stock is Enough?

Startup 125: Term Sheet – Liquidation Preferences

Startup Stock Options: Vesting Schedules & Acceleration

Why Your Startup's Founders Stock Should Vest Over Time

Cofounder vesting schedule for young startup

Carrot and Stick: The Psychology of Options Vesting Schedules

...more interesting results from this Google search term "guidelines on the distribution of founders' stock in a technology startup"

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