Sunday, March 01, 2009

2009-03-01 Sunday - Amazon Web Services (AWS) Links

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Documentation
Developer's Guide, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

AWS Management Console (Beta)

AWS Sample Code & Libraries

Amazon EC2 Library in Java

Amazon Machine Images (AMI)

Configuring Amazon EC2 for RAID

Setting up an Amazon AMI with Java and MySQL on EBS using the AWS Management Console

Google Code Project: Unified Cloud Interface
The unified cloud interface (UCI) or cloud broker will be composed of a semantic specification and a ontology. The ontology provides the actual model descriptions, while the specification defines the details for integration with other management models.
One of the key drivers of the unified cloud interface is to create an api about other api's. A singular programmatic point of contact that can encompass the entire infrastructure stack as well as emerging cloud centric technologies all through a unified interface.
In this vision for a unified cloud interface the use of the resource description framework (RDF) or something similar would be an ideal method to describe our semantic cloud data model (taxonomy & ontology). The benefit to an RDF based ontology languages is they act as general method for the conceptual description or modeling of information that is implemented by web resources. These web resources could just as easily be "cloud resources" or API's. This approach may also allow us to easily take an RDF -based cloud data model and use it within other ontology languages or web services making it both platform and vendor agnostic. Using this approach we're not so much defining how, but instead describing what.
Cloud vs. Grid, the conversation continues

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