Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008-09-30 Tuesday: SOA Maturity / SOA Governance

Sonic Software SOA Maturity Model

Sonic Software SOA Maturity Model Quick Reference
* SOA Maturity Model Level 1: This is the initial learning and initial project phase of SOA adoption. Projects here are typically done to simultaneously meet a specific need to implement functionality while trying out specific technologies and an approach to SOA.

* SOA Maturity Model Level 2: At this level, standards are set as to the technical governance of SOA implementation, typically under leadership of the architecture organization.

* SOA Maturity Model Level 3:A partnership forms between technology and business organizations in order to assure that the use of SOA provides clear business responsiveness.

* SOA Maturity Model Level 4: Level 4 focuses on measuring and presenting these processes at the business level so as to provide continuous feedback on the performance and business impact of the processes implemented at Level 3.

* SOA Maturity Model Level 5: The SOA information systems becomes the "enterprise nervous system" and takes action automatically according to events occurring at the business level according to rules optimizing business goals.


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SOA Governance: 'Not Much' Success, Panelists Say (2/14/2008)
"Dave Estrom from Sun challenged the panel, saying, "I think SOA stands for Snake Oil Architecture...customers are asking for specifics, not platitudes."

"Another concrete step would be a service registry or repository "like IBM's WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

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