Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2008-05-28 Wednesday

I'm working on designing a light-weight batch processing framework for a SOA project - after encountering too much frustration trying to work with the Spring Batch 1.0.1 release. The complete absence of the dependency jar files in release 1.0.1 was the last straw.

As part of the filter processing for files in an inbound application directory - I'm leveraging Java's builtin Regex features: Introduction to the Java.util.regex Object Model

Windows Communication Foundation: Application Deployment Scenarios

JavaOne: Cliff Click on a Scalable Non-Blocking Coding Style

ActiveMQ 5.1 Supports JMS Destination Monitoring and MSMQ Bridge

Is the Web "Good Enough" for Web Services?

Scalability Best Practices: Lessons from eBay

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