Sunday, March 09, 2008

2008-03-09 Sunday

A friend called this afternoon. She's working this weekend on a project for her boss and wasn't sure know how to burn files to a CD/DVD within Windows XP.

I referred her to three possible tools:
ISO Recorder 2.0

I spent some time reading articles on this weekend. Here are a few that I want to remember to review later:
Windows Maven Menu Options
Generating a Site and Documentation in Maven
5 Reasons Static Typing Sucks

The client I'm working with these days is primarily a .NET and Mainframe shop (CICS, MVS, COBOL, VSAM, NATURAL, ADABAS). However, I have had some success introducing some new tools and processes into their development environment (Java, Eclipse, Subversion, Ant, Hudson, MySQL, Apache, PHP, Tomcat, Glassfish).

This has allowed us to leverage a number of Open Source applications (FlySpray, webSVN, statSVN, Test Link, TikiWiki, DataGenerator, etc.) - and greatly reduce the cost of setting up our SOA development environment.

I began introducing Open Source tools in September of 2007 - and We have approximately 4.6 million lines of Open Source code in production today.

We've recently made some good progress on developing the first couple of reusable services for the target Service Oriented Archtiecture (SOA) - and began monitoring the source code repository under the new Continuous Integration processes I've introduced (using Hudson and Subversion).

However, we ran into an unexpected behavior within Microsoft's Visual Studio environment once we started executing the MSBuild process. It deletes the .svn files.

Bad Microsoft

Here are a few articles that discuss this issue - and some hacks to deal with it:
Stupid .Net Tricks: Visual Studio and Subversion

".svn" directories prevent web projects from synchronizing VSWebCache Options

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