Sunday, January 20, 2008

2008-01-20 Sunday

Ted Neward (Neward & Associates)will be presenting at Seattle Code Camp 3.0 in Redmond this coming weekend (Jan. 26, 27). He is a fantastic speaker, a brilliant technologist, and gives a great performance as a speaker. If you are in town, it is worth spending part of your weekend going just to hear him talk.

Today I installed the latest Apache Maven release (2.0.8) and the Maven Integration for Eclipse plugin: M2Eclipse (Tycho)
(Eclipse update site:

Some recent research on Drools:

JBoss Rules with custom DSL

Give Your Business Logic a Framework with Drools

Using Drools in Your Enterprise Java Application

Building Enterprise Services with Drools Rule Engine

JBos s Drools – Viva Le Drools - Bus ines s Logic Platform Declarative Behavioural Modelling, by Mark Proctor

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