Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007-12-27 Thursday

I've been heads down for the last few weeks working on the ESB and SOA design for a client engagement.

I've recently installed the following:

  • IONA's Fuse- Message Broker

  • Glassfish V2 UR1

  • JBoss Drools 4.0.3

  • This afternoon I helped some colleagues locate a utility to document directory structures. It is a Python script that generates an HTML listing. The Active State Programmer Network has some interesting code samples for Perl, Python, PHP, ???

    I recently completed a preliminary review of the ebXML reference implementation (Omar-3.1). A few preliminary thoughts:

  • Bloated code base

  • Clutterd, ugly, non-intutivie User Interface design

  • Probably too "heavy" for most real usage

  • Reminds me of IBM's original UDDI service (that was also a bloated and ugly UI)

  • Some Links of Interest

    Rules versus Procedural Code

    Changes in Ruby 1.9

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